The Girl in the Castle Tower

Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Friday everyone! I am so pleased to be able to share this stunning series of photos by the talented ‘Take a Picture Lady‘ Emma. Taken on a recent adventure with her family and beautiful daughter Agnes, these truly wonderful photos really capture the spirit of the Hucklebones girl. Agnes wears the Hucklebones Spring / Summer ’12 Ditsy Flower Ruffle Bodice Dress and looks like a modern day Alice in Wonderland!

Have a great weekend – ZoĆ« x


A Hucklebones girl is ready to explore. In nature, historical buildings or in the city. The clothes do not inhibit her, they inspire her. Free and easy and delightful to wear. The spirit of childhood.



Embracing the curiosities and discoveries of this tower in the middle of the British countryside; a huge dollhouse, stuffed tiger heads and intriguing spiral staircases, a brother, and chickens in the yard. Butterflies and flowers. Summer memories.


All images and text courtesy of ‘Take a Picture Lady’.

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