Slow Fashion

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Slow Fashion

Hucklebones has recently been chatting with forward thinking Carlotta Cataldi, a key person of the ‘Slow Fashion‘ movement. She is part of a research team based in Karlskrona, Sweden who’s mission is to bring strategic sustainability concepts to the clothing industry. They are currently developing a list of inspiring principles to use as a guide for the ‘Slow Fashion’ industry, and by speaking to key players within the industry they hope to pull many ideas together to create this concept.

As a company Hucklebones has a commitment to sustainability and our effects on the world around us. We work with British and European mills, many of which were established in the 1700’s and still use secrets of the trade that have been passed from old to young, generation to generation. Our printed fabrics use dyestuffs which are EU made and have a guarantee of quality and respect for the environment. The printing process also has low environmental impacts and adhere to full European and International Regulations.

A large part of  ‘Slow Fashion’ is to discourage mass consumption and encourage sensible and considered purchases of goods that are of a high quality and lasting design. We invest in the design of our garments to give each item individuality so that the product engages with the consumer and a long lasting connection can be made. Our garments are designed and intended as heirloom pieces that can be handed down to siblings, cousins and grandchildren.

This is only a small part of what we are working on towards a slower and more sustainable future in fashion. We are always investigating ways in which we can further support this concept, after all its the Hucklebones generation who must reap these benefits.

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