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Monday, October 18, 2010

Three months ago, Little fashion Gallery launched an artistic and charitable operation in the name of the French charity “Tout Le Monde Chante Contre Le Cancer”. In partnership with Supereditions, LFG has brought together the most famous designers and people of the fashion world in order to promote this worthy cause. For this special partnership, the publishing house created a book entitled: “The Freaky King and Queen”. This book was sent to the designers and fashionistas with the goal of being personalised and illustrated – there was plenty of artistic license for these creative people to scribble, jot, and make wonderful collages… Amongst the many designers and bloggers to take part in this project were: Philip Lim, Antik Batik, Anne-Valérie Hash, Finger in the Nose, Le Mont St Michel, Maloles, Milk, Petit Bateau, Anorak Magazine, Graine de Princesse, Lili & the Funky Boys, Lucky Boy Sunday, Marina Vandel, Tatty Devine, Zef, Carton chic, Coq en Pâte, Hucklebones, Kidimo, Loppa, Marucho, Max & Lola, Mini Rodini, Soft Gallery, Tuss, Vivetta, Minor Details, Mark James… These unique pieces are works of art; they represent true little treasures of creativity! Whether it be the collages by Tuss or Hucklebones, the handmade patchworks by Petit Bateau or the chosen objects by Tatty Devine, there are plenty of different original ideas filling the pages of these books.

The auction is running until the the 21st of October, to view the auction click here, or to see the schedule click here.

Images above: top – Soft Gallery, middle left – Tatty Devine, middle right – Doolittle, bottom – Milk magazine. Images below: Hucklebones.

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