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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Following the Hucklebones AW12 photo shoot it was really evident how much our little models Agnes & Bea have grown over the past couple of years. Their sweet round faces have changed, their legs are getting longer and they have developed their own little personalities.

It’s wonderful to see these changes. Here is a little interview of them both and some fabulous images from the Hucklebones archive.

Hucklebones AW10


Do you have a nickname?

Bea: No.

Agnes: Aggie

What is your favourite animal?

Bea: The giraffe because it has a very big neck

Agnes: Parrots, they have beautiful colours

What books do you like?

Bea: Any books with animals

Agnes: History books about the olden days

What would be your perfect day?

Bea: A perfect day to Bea is when everything runs well at school and her teacher let them build puzzles and draw their own stories on paper.

Agnes: Going to the beach for a little swim in the sea, hunt for crabs and have an ice cream.

Do you have a favourite Hucklebones dress?

Bea: Metallic pink pleated dress (AW12)

Agnes: the spotty blue 50’s dress (SS11) and the gold dress from (AW12)

Hucklebones SS11

Hucklebones AW10

Hucklebones SS12

Hucklebones SS12

Hucklebones AW12

Emma Donnelly


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