Quilts exhibition at the V & A

Sunday, April 11, 2010

V & A quilts exhibition

Today I visited the Quilts exhibition at the V & A, a selection of fantastic patchwork and quilted covers dating from 1700 to present day. I strongly recommend this to anyone who has an interest in crafts as it is truly inspirational, the workmanship and skills used in the quits is astounding. Hours of work on vastly sized covers made up of tiny delicately stitched pieces. Things I loved were the peek holes to view the back of the quilts which gave snapshots of the construction. Careful hand stitches holding each segment together, neatly pressed seams and a glimpse of the sheer magnitude of work involved. Some of the quilts were an array of richly coloured  sumptuous fabrics which in their time expressed wealth and stature. Others were pieced together from recycled fabrics taken from items of clothing and household textiles which inspires the imagination to wonder, what were these other items? and to think about the history collected and combined in such a glorious way.

Quilts is showing until the 4th July 2010, visit the V & A for details.

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