Thursday, July 2, 2009

I know it’s not just me, everyone can be partial to a sweet treat. I can’t help but wander however if my enthusiasm for these little wonders is verging on an obsession! It’s the array of colours, flavours and toppings that make them so exciting. Banana, coffee and vanilla and the more exotic flavours of pomegranite and mango. Finish these off with a complimentry frosting in a different flavour or colour, add some sparkles or sprinkles and you have an edible delight that already looks gift wrapped! They are a fantastic for birthdays, weddings, pick me ups and as a friendly reminder to that someone special that you really care. Also a fantastic way to let your child experiment with colour by letting them decorate their own cakes. These little cuties are from the wonderful Treacle on Columbia Road, London. the shop has a lovely aesthetic and so do their cakes. If you are in the area its work a trip!


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