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Monday, April 15, 2013

Creative book_1

The other day the talented Luella from next door popped over to show us her latest creation. After completing a course in machine sewing she proudly showed us her incredible story book entirely made from fabric and stitched together using lots of different sewing techniques. Not only did the book show her mastery of sewing it also amazed us with the story line of ‘Neil’ the mouse who brazenly sets out on his quest by cuddling a cat! Much to his misfortune he is quickly devoured by the cat and Luella’s book cleverly shows his descent into the cats tummy!!

Ellie's book_2

All hope is lost for ‘Neil’ as it seems there can be no return from such fate, however on the final page we were invited to help save ‘Neil’ by pulling him to safety! Miraculously ‘Neil’ is saved – bobble hat and all!

Its incredible the imagination children have and what they can do with it when their creative juices get going. It was great to see Luella’s book and we all had a good chuckle in the office.

Ellie's book 3

Luella’s took her sewing class with ‘Annie 2 Pins’  a creative soft sculptor – for more information you can find a link to her work and website here.


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